5 Best Beauty Fixes Under 30 Minutes That Deliver Great Skin

Have an event to attend and need some beauty fixing in a flash? If you don’t have much time to primp for a party, here are the best fixes that will help you look stunning in an instant.



Need your skin to feel baby soft and glow within 30 minutes? Short of taking a scrub and exfoliating, is there no other way to get rid of dull skin? Try a mild chemical peel which gently exfoliates and peels away the topmost layer of dead skin cells instead, exposing baby smooth skin underneath. Chemical peels such as the Retinol Peel and Glamour Peel are potent anti-agers which resets and freshens up your entire appearance. The peeling agent in Retinol Peel is vitamin A, which also gives skin the smooth, rejuvenated results with added anti-aging benefits!



There is nothing quite as maddening as a painful pimple, especially if there is no way you can hide it. Applying anti-zit creams will probably help, but only if you have the time to wait for it to work! Try purging it with your fingers and your skin will punish you for it with a lingering scar. To get rid of a painful zit fast, try Pimple ER at the SW1 Clinic, where a doctor performs a quick and virtually painless injection which banishes the zit within 24 hours, and then you are whisked to one of their 20 private suites for Oxy Shot, an express oxygen pimple treatment which reduces inflammation and redness pronto.



Sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, acne and inflammation, eczema. These are some of the issues that LED light therapy deals with. LED light waves dive deep into the skin and stimulates positive intracellular reactions. LED Red, for example, builds, strengthens the skin’s natural resilience, and also targets oil glands, reducing inflammation and acne. I-Clear (LED Blue light therapy) specifically stimulates production of oxygen radicals that target acne-causing bacteria, all without downtime. This is an excellent add-on to a facial or after a laser treatment.



Apparently, Vitamin C was the most searched beauty product of 2017. Almost an essential in most medi-spas and beauty product ranges today, this is one of the most powerful antioxidants today, and the vitamin that is probably most universally agreed to be one of the best things for all skin types. Plasma C Boost, a thoughtful application of pure vitamin C through sonophoresis not only helps to fight environmental pollutants which break down collagen and accelerate aging, this ‘hero’ ingredient also treats skin discolouration and gives the skin a smooth radiance.



What is better than giving your skin bits of its own DNA to rebuild and repair itself? PDRN Perfection uses anti-aging polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) which corrects DNA and regenerates the skin, replacing damaged ones with younger and healthier skin. Best for glow and Korean dewy skin wannabes!

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