Eyes For Beauty – Tips For Revitalizing Tired Eyes

Some people focus on smoothening their facial scars and others seek treatments to tighten their saggy jawlines, but people with dark eye circles or droopy skin around the eyes will tell you treatment for the eyes do a little more than beauty for them. Nothing bothers one more than being perceived as being tired or unrested, when they actually feel quite well! For the ladies, years of applying eye makeup and mascara age the delicate skin around the eyes a little faster.



Diligently applying eye creams to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles may help, but there are other rejuvenative (and pre-juvenative) treatments you can also do.


1. “Smart” Eye Treatments

Aesthetic technology advancements today mean that you can look forward to effective “eye-cials” or facials for the eyes. Those with droopy eyelid issues can try Golden Eye, which uses fractionated high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) or Genius Eye Firmx which uses radiofrequency energy to firm up skin periorbitally and stimulate collagen over time. Customers normally observe an immediate eye-opening effect immediately post treatment, a perfect add-on to another red-carpet facial for an important event!

For a deeper treatment and long lasting treatment, Thermage Eyes uses more intense radiofrequency energy to reduce hooding of the upper eyelids and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It’s unique Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) ensures both an effective but comfortable treatment.


2. Periorbital Eye Lasers

Ask the dermatologists which lasers are most effective for resurfacing skin, chances are they will say it is the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. But not all CO2 lasers are made the same. SmartX Lite Eyes uses the DEKA SmartX laser which uses an intelligent “Dot Therapy” which is safe yet effective for the delicate skin around the eyes. Expect a lid tightening effect in as early as 1 session of the Miracle Eye Reviver Program.


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3. Tear Trough Fillers and Revitalift Eye

More often than not, dark undereye circles are a combination of pigmentation and shadows caused by the tear troughs. Revitalift Eye is a treatment which places drops of soft hyaluronic acid fillers just beneath skin, imparting a hydrating and skin plumping effect. Sunken undereye hollows can expect immediate freshening up with tear trough fillers, which are placed deeper for a lifting effect, which eliminates dark shadows.


So all is not lost for those wishing to liven up their listless panes. Find out more here.


By Megan Thomas

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