How To Combat Hair Loss

I noticed I have thinning hair and started looking up hair loss treatments in Singapore. Turns out, one in four women suffer from female pattern hair loss. By this we mean that while it is normal to lose up to 100 hair strands a day (normal shedding), female pattern hair loss is a gradual thinning hair situation that is more serious and can start earlier than expected – in your twenties. If you have hereditary hair loss (which accounts for 90% of all female pattern hair loss), you will need to see a doctor.

Difference between male and female pattern hair loss


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Revage 670 Hair Laser

Looking for the best hair clinic or a hair loss doctor in Singapore? Find a place which offers the non-invasive Revage 670 hair laser. This hair laser uses photobiostimulation to your “sleeping” hair follicles into the growing phase. 30 laser diodes rotate 180 degrees around the scalp, emitting painless laser energy in the 670nm wavelength, stimulating blood flow to nourish poor thinning hair follicles, pushing them into the active growing anagen phase and encourages growth of thicker, healthier hair shafts. This treatment also works amazingly for post-pregnancy hair loss and encourages speedier hair regrowth.

The Kermax Scalp Program at SW1 Clinic ($3800, 12 sessions) includes the Revage 670 hair laser and a refreshing scalp treatment to encourage hair growth (Revitascalp). This treatment is best done weekly for 12 sessions for visible results.

So all you have to do is to rock up to the hair clinic (situated in the heart of Singapore at Paragon Medical Centre), and that’s it!


Home Medicated Scalp Treatments

ROGAINE Foam is an FDA-approved once daily scalp treatment you can do at home, in addition to something like the Revage. This treatment regrows hair using Minoxidil. Applied directly to the scalp, ROGAINE Foam targets the hair follicle and triggers sleeping hairs into growth by increasing blood supply and opening potassium channels. Expect hair regrowth of up to 25% in 12 weeks.


By Megan Thomas

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