Best Face Forward – The Rise Of Male Aesthetic Treatments

If you thought only women spend too much time and money on anti-aging and beauty treatments, think again. 10 years ago, the male aesthetic market may have been in its infancy but today it has bloomed into something much bigger, as more and more men have become open to the idea of investing in their own aesthetic enhancement.



Surgeries range from the nose job, liposuction, breast reduction for gynecomastia and so on, but what surprises people is that men are also experimenting with non-invasive injectables, such as treatments to soften or erase fine lines, to sharpen their jawlines and non-invasive skin tightening procedures to take a few years off their faces.

“Men are seeking rejuvenation procedures are not simply wanting to look beter or younger. Some of them do it for the sake of their careers. They are at the peak of their lives and careers, and want to look every bit like it” says Dr Kenneth Lee, founder of the new SW1 Clinic at Paragon Medical in Singapore.

Amongst others that do much with helping males look like leaders, facial shape also has a lot to do with perceived success. Stronger chins and more defined jawlines lead the male aesthetic to-do list, therefore jaw defining procedures such as Ultherapy, facial thread lifts, chin filler augmentation and chin implants have surged in popularity.


There can be no mistake that good looking men are made of strong chins. If you have a receding chin or a poorly defined jawline, perhaps it is time to have jaw definition treatments done such as chin filler augmentation.


Men are also seeking treatment to soften deep wrinkles especially on the forehead with Botox, and also to “freshen up” their complexions for pigmentation and deep scars. But Dr Lee says this is where men have slightly different requirements compared to the fairer sex. Females tend to seek perfect, fair and smooth complexions whereas men still prefer a little of the “weathered” look – the older they are, the less perfect they want to look, preferring some fine lines and don’t mind milder scars rather than the clean, boyish look, showing that for male aesthetic rejuvenation, less is still more.

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Ask any male their greatest fear and chances are they will tell you it’s about their thinning hair. The SW1 Clinic has barely launched their Hair Clinic and they have already hit the floor running with their novel Kera-Clone hair revitalization treatment, which aims to thicken thinning scalps.

Men are also enquiring more about skincare products and male SW1 patients typically purchase products that are easy to apply and do not leave sticky residue after application, such as this multi-vitamin skin boosting moisturiser Hologram.

SW1 Shop Hologram


SW1 Facial Therapist Trainer, Ms Kate Hoo says that male patients often seek deep cleansing facials to purge their skin of oil and debris such as their Deep Deep Clean Facial.

So as it goes, as long as these procedures become more accepted and medical aesthetic technologically continues its innovation with non-invasive and low or no downtime treatments, the male aesthetic market will remain and continue to flourish. Maybe one day, we will find an aesthetic clinic which offers treatments solely for men!


By Megan Thomas


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