Ageless Hands – Why This Is Now The Rejuvenation Trend To Follow

In the world of cosmetic rejuvenation, rejuvenation can mean treatments off the face. Treatments to look younger are no longer limited to the face, as people tackle areas of the body now too which give away telltale signs of their age far too soon. After years of caring for the face, the neglect in these areas of the body can be glaring.

Off-face filler rejuvenation has been done for the neck, breasts and even the non-surgical butt lift, but here’s what you probably never imagined – fillers to make your hands look younger.

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If you want to know how a young hand looks like, look at a child’s hand. Ageless mitts are plump and skin looks more elastic and thick instead of having obvious-looking veins and spaces between tendons.


In this case, having your hands full is a good thing. The hands are probably one of the most used yet most neglected parts of our body. It is exposed to harmful UV rays, which causes premature skin aging. With age, we lose collagen and elastin, causing the skin to lose its elasticity. Aged hands have skin that look thin – sunken spaces between tendons and obvious dorsal veins. On the contrary, a pair of youthful-looking hands look naturally plump and hydrated, smooth with very discreet lines, and they are free of pigmentation.

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In fact, plastic surgeons have used their patients’ own fat to replace the loss of volume and to keep them youthful for some time now. Similarly, before FDA-approval, doctors have used fillers elsewhere in the body, including the hands. Just in case you were wondering, not FDA-approved doesn’t mean it is not safe for use, just that the effects on that particular part of the body may not have been studied, so it is important to see an experienced and certified doctor for off-label filler injections.

Volume loss of the hands can give one’s age away. Hand fillers plump up the hands immediately and last up to 18 months.


These hand fillers are exactly the same as the ones approved for the face and are biodegradable – broken down by the body gradually over time. These are injected directly into areas with filling defects (so multiple injection points), or if generally the entire surface needs to be filled, your doctor may make one injection in the center of your hand and spread the filler generally under the skin, within the subcutaneous (fat) layer.

Hand fillers last approximately 9 to 18 months. There are hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane Lyft and others such as Radiesse (calcium hydroxlyapatite).

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By Megan Thomas


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