Hair Revival Tips – How To Deal With Hair Loss

Hair shedding is part and parcel of everyday life. In fact, we lose about 80 strands of hair per day! But if you are shedding a lot more hair than this everyday, or suffer from thinning hair, it is ok to start freaking out. Female hair loss is actually not that uncommon. Research shows that a third of all women will have to deal with hair loss issues at some point in their lives. So if you are losing sleep over your thinning mane, do not freak out, here are some tips to solve this hairy issue.


Hairstyle Checks

Hairstyles that pull on your hairline can cause hair loss. The mechanical stress of tight ponytails, braids, hair bands and clips can cause hair thinning. Ensure you use hair elastic bands that slide off easily when you undo your ponytail and avoid hair styles that require a lot of teasing or tugging.


Ditch Bad Hair Habits

Heat is always tough on hair. Hair styling tools such as hair straighteners or curling irons can burn hair or make hair more brittle and prone to falling out in the long run. Use heat protection styling products or avoid these hair habits altogether.

Chemically treating hair such as perming, straightening or bleaching hair can damage or weaken the hair shaft. Reduce the frequency of such treatments and invest in a deep conditioning hair treatment or home DIY mask every one to two weeks.


Seek Out Hair Science

Make science your hair’s trusty ally by seeing a doctor about your hair thinning problem. The Keramax Scalp Program at SW1 Clinic is widely received for its track record in helping people thicken their mane.


Revitascalp, a cocktail of scientifically selected nutrients and minoxidil to block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is applied and massaged into the scalp. For those who don’t know, DHT is thought to cause hair to miniaturize, resulting in hair loss.

Next, Revage 670, a “cold laser” for the scalp, a clinically proven hair laser system helps to stimulate cellular metabolism and tissue regeneration, resulting in stronger hair. 30 laser diodes rotate 180 degrees around the scalp, emitting painless laser energy and stimulating blood flow to nourish thinning follicles, pushing them into the active growing phase, and encouraging growth of thicker and healthier hair shafts.


Hair-Forgiving Diet

Take food high in iron, zinc and B12 for your undernourished strands. So include lots of leafy greens, beans, fish and lean meat.

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