Do you want to Age like a Celebrity?


Celebrities, we love them, we hate them, we all want to be like them. The truth is in this day of digital technology, everyone’s life is an open book. For better or worse, every wrinkle is scrutinized, every diet dissected. So do celebrities who live in a stratosphere of their own age in a different manner from us mere mortals? Or do they even age at all?


Denise Richards

How well has she aged?

May: 6/10

Denise Richards was one of the hottest babes on the planet, ever since her turn as a Bond girl. Almost 17 years on, she retains her pretty features but it’s clear her face has lost some of that youthful softness and sparkle. Her forehead looks very hardened to me.


Khristine: 7/10

Denise Richards is in her forties so she really doesn’t look that bad for a woman her age. But it’s a pity that her lower face has lined up so much, giving her age away, despite her keeping to the almost the same hairstyle as 2 decades ago.


Doctor says: One good way to maintain the youthful suppleness of the forehead yet maintaining expression lines is to use Revitalift. Revitalift uses micro-droplets of a fine hyaluronic acid filler that is designed to replenish and hydrate the skin so it regauns its youthful dewiness and softness. It is also perfect for the entire face. For those who wants to soften the facial lines a touch, judicious use of the anti-wrinkle injection botulinum toxin can help give your face a softer and more relaxed appearance. “The key”, says Dr Low Chai Ling, “is not to freeze your face but to reduce the muscle hyperactivity that gives you a tensed, overactive appearance.”

Revitatlift Forehead Natural Fillers
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Monica Bellucci

How well has she aged?

May: 8/10

Monica Belluci was not on my radar when I was younger but I would certainly notice her even now. Her features look youthful and sharp and most of all, her skin and facial shape looks well-kept and firm.


Khristine: 9/10

First of all, I must say I googled her age and I found out she was in her 50s! And I would say she looks gorgeous for someone in her fifth decade of life, I must say her features have not blunted and she looks like she takes really good care of her skin and of herself in general.


Doctor says: Perhaps the only slight giveaway are the platysmal bands on Monica’s neck. “These can be easily diminished with microinjections of botox, refreshing the appearance of the neck” says Dr Kenneth Lee.



Courteney Cox

How well has she aged?

May: 7/10

Courteney Cox does look her age now, unfortunately. She looks attractive but if you take away the eye makeup, you can almost see the hollowing around the eyes and lower face that makes her look slightly too gaunt.


Khristine: 7.5/10

I love Courteney Cox but perhaps she doesn’t have the perfect bone structure that defies ageing. There’s just too much gauntness around the lower face and neck area that gives you an impression that she isn’t exactly young anymore.


Doctor says: Courteney has mentioned she did not like the facial fillers on her face because it changed her looks too much. For those who does not want to embrace the full volumisation effects of facial fillers, go for a natural collagen stimulator like Dream Sculpture. This is not a filler, and Courteney would be happy to hear, has no immediate volumization effects. It’s main function is ti stimulate your own skin to produce collagen however; collagen which you have lost through the years can now be replenished and regenerated by this procedure. So your skin will naturally look younger over the months following the procedure.



Jennifer Lopez

How well has she aged?

May: 9/10

Jennifer Lopez was a looker before but she looks even hotter now. It could be a combination of keeping fit but yet not losing too much weight and volume on her face that keeps her face looking youthful. Nary a sunken cheek to be seen, even after 17 years!


Khristine: 9/10

I don’t believe Jennifer Lopez has aged very much at all! Yes, there is slightly slimming of the face and jawline but in a good way. There are no hollows under the eyes or sunken cheeks we often see with ageing celebrities on the brink of anorexia. She looks happy, healthy and well, and it’s a good look.


Doctor says: the reason why Jennifer Lopez looks younger than the other celebrities who haven’t aged as well is because unlike the others, her lower face has actually become sharper with age. “A v-shaped face is often indicative of youth, just as a heavyset lower face often betrays an older age” says Dr Chua Han Boon. Ladies who aren’t blessed with this slim jawline can consider harnessing the help of Thread lifts to lift, contour and shape the skin around the jaw, in a popular lower face procedure called the Infinity V-Lift.



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