5 Parts Of Your Body That Betray Your Age

We know that most of you do give a lot of love and time to your faces. A full skincare regimen from normal cleansing, scrubs, peels, nourishment with remarkable skincare and even to anti-aging lasers and other skin tightening treatments. But most women are oblivious to all the signs of aging below the jawline.

Here are 5 body parts that undergo accelerated aging which people frequently neglect and show signs of vintage that betray your real age.


1. Neck

Youthful-looking necks are tight and almost crease-free. On the contrary, aged-looking necks have thin, crepey skin with deep creases, and worse, gravity’s work over the years loosen the muscle bands in the neck, and sagginess of the jawline and upper neck makes one look like the face is starting to pour into the neck.

For mild signs of aging such as fine lines and early wrinkles, try a resurfacing treatment such as SmartX Lite. This fractional carbon dioxide laser has a patented intelligent scanning technology which makes it suitable for use on areas with thinner skin such as the neck and eyelids.

Those with loose skin in need of skin tightening can try Ultherapy for the neck, a non-invasive treatment using focused ultrasound to stimulate collagen production. Thermage is another time-tested radiofrequency skin-tightening treatment which works more superficially than Ultherapy.

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2. Décolletage

The skin on this area ages particularly quickly, thanks to a combination of genetics and the love of low neckline dresses and swimwear, which exposes the naturally thin and delicate skin to the sun, resulting in premature fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Fraxel Light is a micro-resurfacing laser which has a gentle peeling effect, erasing pigmentation and texturizing dull and rough skin at the same time to a smoother and more even skin tone. It’s mild resurfacing effect also erases fine lines and prompts new and better collagen to form resulting in tigher skin over time.


3. Hands

Older hands are easy to spot. They are usually covered in pigmentation, the skin is thin and there is less fat compared to hands of younger persons.

Daily moisturizing may help thicken the skin over time, but if skeletal-looking hands and bulging veins bother you, try a natural dermal filler for an immediate plumping effect. A skin brightening treatment such as a thulium laser works at the depth suitable for erasing age spots and it’s micro-peeling effect helps erase fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles gradually.


4. Elbows and Knees

Rough, darkened and saggy, deeply wrinkled skin occurs to almost everyone in these two areas. Again, it is the combination of genetics, and sun exposure. These areas are also highly susceptible to repeated pressure, knocks and rubbing, which worsens the natural aging process.

Once you have those etched lines, it is time to try a Fraxel Dual treatment to tighten the skin up. Fraxel Dual combines 2 lasers of different wavelengths to address deep lines and lighten pigmented skin at the same time.


5.Cellulite and Loose Body Skin

Cellulite can happen to even young people but there are most obvious in older persons. This usually happens to the buttocks and the thighs. As we age, shortening of fibrous tissue occurs, resulting in pockets of bulging fat.

If you are not significantly overweight and are looking to tone and firm sagging skin on parts of the body, try Thermage. Thermage has a body tip which is sized specifically for treatment of cellulite and skin laxity of the body. This is completely non-invasive and patients can return to normal activity immediately after. The large tip offers faster and deeper structural response, providing tolerable deep heating beneath the skin.


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