What To Do About Your Neck

Your aesthetician is probably starting to sound like a broken record, going on and on, warning about how you will regret slathering on all the serums and creams on the face but not the neck. For some unfortunate people however, deep horizontal creases appear really early and has no connection to age or skincare.

It seems that the bothersome neck lines that often give away one’s actual age are caused by a combination of natural aging and environmental factors such as exposure to the sun and smoking. And now that we are sunken deep in the digital age, there is the problem of the “tech neck” – too much bending of our heads down and folding the skin of the neck resulting in premature wrinkles of the neck. What a dreadful thing, I agree.

Here are 5 treatments that you can find in a doctor’s clinic that can radically salvage and reverse the telltale signs on your neck.


Ultherapy Upper & Lower Neck

For those who have never heard of Ultherapy, first of all, where have you been! This is the only FDA-approved device for non-surgical skin lifting. Previously only accessible to surgeons performing the surgical, open facelift procedure, Ultherapy uses focused ultrasound energy to target a specific deep skin layer known as the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS). In the open facelift, it is a well-recognized fact the SMAS must be cut, and tightened to achieve a tight, natural and long-lasting facelift. Ultherapy is the only skin tightening device that can help your doctor accurately visualize the SMAS and the energy applied to it contracts the fibrous tissues, mimicking the open facelift.

Ultherapy has been used with a lot of success from the brows to the double chin, but did you know that one of its off-face indications is skin tightening of the neck, and even the décolletage?


Infinity Neck Lift

The Infinity V- and Neck Lift are signature treatments of the SW1 Clinic, founded by ex-founders the The Sloane Clinic (who were the first to use Ultherapy in Singapore several years ago by the way), Dr Low Chai Ling and Dr Kenneth Lee. As its name suggests, the Infinity V-lift restores the V shaped contour of sagging faces, while the Infinity Neck Lift tucks in the turkey neck and makes one’s jawline visible once again. These are thread lifting procedures, where one of their doctors nimbly puts body-compatible threads which have “knots” or invisible anchors along the threads which catch only sagging skin and allows the doctor to reposition it. The best thing about it? Results are immediate and patients can return to work the next day!


Nefertiti Lift

The Egyptian Queen Nefertiti was famously known for her strikingly angled jawline and the Nefertiti Lift specifically targets the jawline area using Botox for an uplifting lower face contour. Only about 6 small botox injections are needed only right side of the jawline, focusing on the platysma muscles which pull the jaw muscles downward normally. “Relaxing the platysma muscles with Botox will result in less downward pulling of the tissues of the lower face, including the jowls”, says Dr Kenneth Lee.

Results may be visible immediately or take several days to take full effect, and then last approximately 3 to 4 months.


SmartX Lite Neck

What about skin lasers which erase fine lines and soften deep wrinkles? Lasers may not reach as deep as focused ultrasound or radiofrequency anti-aging treatments, but the using the right laser can achieve wonders. To reverse fines lines and soften deep creases of the tech or crepey neck, a fractionated carbon dioxide laser which resurfaces the topmost layer of the skin is appropriate. But not all carbon dioxide lasers are made for areas with delicate skin such as the neck. The SmartX laser Dot Therapy has one of the most reliable systems which results in minimal thermal damage to surrounding tissue, making it one of our more preferred lasers for resurfacing off-face areas.



These are baby injections very superficially into the skin of the neck, and your doctor may concentrate on the deep creases when there is most damage. A bio-compatible DNA and polynucleotide skinbooster injection which is unlike traditional fillers, it stimulates cell renewal and wound healing, improving the intrinsic biological condition of aged or damaged skin, resulting in skin tightening, improved skin elasticity and thickness, and reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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