How To Layer Your Skincare Products

This might sound a little redundant, I understand. “Seriously? Just apply them all”, right? Apparently, the order of things does matter. So instead of just piling them on, let’s learn from the pros.


Step 1. Cleanse

Most people wouldn’t have given much thought to the importance of facial cleansing, but cleansing is more than just cleaning. It is the best way to prep your skin to ensure your skin reaps the benefit from all your other expensive skincare products! Exfoliating every now and then also physically removes dead skin cells (which are really only there to dull your complexion), and also stimulates your skin’s regenerative process.


Step 2. Tone

“Is a toner really necessary?” – one of the most asked questions. A toner is meant to remove last traces of unwanted skin debris such as oil and makeup, and they also contain ingredients which repairs and soothes the skin’s surface. Cleopatra’s secret was rose water, a natural facial toner, which made her skin soft and smooth. But today’s cosmetology has brought about many high quality facial toners which contain similar ingredients as one would find in a serum, for example. Facial toners also offer basic hydration, which makes the skin more amenable to products which you will be layering over.


Step 3. Start With The Essence

Some people would end this now with a moisturizer. Not so fast! Those who are into skincare will tell you the famous Korean 10+ step skincare regimen. But for now, what in the world is an essence? For those who live in my part of the world, SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence may have already sprung to mind. Essences are usually more lightweight or watery than serums and you add this after your facial toner to add another layer of hydration before you apply the next step. Contrary to the toner which is often applied with a cotton pad, essences are normally applied by pressing them into your face with your bare hands.

You feel like you are building up towards something now, don’t you? Let’s move along.


Step 4. Add A Serum

White Plasma by SW1 Shop is an oil-free, lightweight serum which contains skin lightening ingredients specific for skin brightening and pigment lightening results. Best of all, it is hydroquinone free.

If the first 3 steps were prep, then this is when the first of the real players come in. Think of your skin as a sponge, a slightly wet sponge absorbs water faster than a dry one. Makes sense? Now that your skin has been properly hydrated, serums can now be applied. Serums are designed to be efficient delivery systems, so naturally they contain a high concentration of active ingredients (peptides, stem cells, antioxidants) in formulations that can be swiftly absorbed. Think of this step as adding the most potent shot of ingredients directly into your skin.


Most serums today are lightweight and non-greasy, so if you like, feel free to use more than one serum.


Step 5. Have A Break

Now that you have applied the serum, take a 1 or 2 minute break. This will allow the product to be fully absorbed before you load up the next step.


Step 6. Moisturize

Moisturizers duly hydrate your skin, and also contain key active ingredients, but in lower concentrations than serums. Formulated with thicker consistency, almost oil-like, these form a seal and are most important for locking all the good stuff in. Because of this, some experts think moisturizers can actually be more basic.

And finally, your skincare layering guide is complete. A final tip. Don’t forget the sunscreen if you are heading outdoors!

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