Anti-age Your Ears: The Jab to Perk Up Your Lobes

Yes, you have read that correctly. It may sound like the daftest aesthetic procedure yet – but earlobe rejuvenation is now a thing and to make it official, Vogue has said it – 2017 is looking like the year of the ear! Besides gaining popularity with women in forties, fashionistas are also paying a lot more attention to ears these days.

If you are wondering why people are focusing on their ears of all places, it’s actually something thats been popping up on the runway for seasons. Take a look at Chanel’s Spring Summer SS18 Paris Fashion Show, where models flaunt their dangling accessories and lobes in heavy metallics and crystals. Whatever you make of the idea, it’s no surprise that the trend has simply thrust another part of women’s bodies into the spotlight.

Kaia Gerber Chanel RTW Spring 2018.

Like any other part of the body, your skin loses collagen and earlobes too lose volume and collagen due to the natural ageing process. Lobes can become elongated, saggy and thin as collagen and natural elasticity depletes, causing visible wrinkling on the surface. Beauty experts recommends extending your application of anti-ageing serum and retinol onto the entire ear. Some even recommend in-office procedures such as Fraxel lasers and peels.

When the earlobes loses volume with age, this also means that your ear piercings may look seriously stretched and your earrings may not sit as well on your earlobes. And it’s worse for those who’ve spent years in heavy chandeliers that have caused saggy, stretched-out lobes; these are likely beyond the capabilities of anti-ageing serum. Fortunately, there’s a quick lunchtime fix that can help to fight drooping, elongated lobes just as it can elsewhere on your face: dermal fillers. “Injecting your ears with hyaluronic acid fillers is becoming increasingly popular as it effectively plump up the area and lift slack lobes in an instant. Besides reversing the ageing signs of in the lobes, dermal filler can be used to improve the shape and correct any imperfections of the lobes.” Explains Dr. Kenneth Lee, a medical consultant at The SW1 Clinic. After the injection of filler, the area of the lobes will inflate and make the tissue appear softer and more hydrated giving a youthful appearance. “The procedure is comfortable with little to no downtime. Depending on the types of fillers used, they usually last about 8 to 12 months.” Explains Dr. Lee further.

Our thirty-year-old beauty editor, Caroline describes the procedure as ‘slightly uncomfortable’, rather than painful. She has been impressed by the results of her own ear rejuvenation. “The results were instant and incredible. Three days later, when I put my big dangling earrings back in, they looked amazing. My earlobes were full and plumped, instead of looking thin and flat.” says Caroline. “Perking up my lazy lobes cost around SGD$900 per session and requires top-ups once or twice a year depending on your condition. My ears simply looked happier!”


Pic: Earlobes filler before (left) and after (right). “After ear rejuvenation, they looked wonderful. My earlobes were full and plumped.”says Beauty Editor.




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