Why Some Women Remove Their Facial hair

Peach-fuzz isn’t a teenage boy issue. Men may have more facial hair than women, but no woman is without hair! For some poor unfortunate females, unwanted facial hair can be problematic. Fine baby hair on the face sounds cute, but when you’ve got heaps of it, particularly in these hard times when smooth, spotless and dewy complexions are not only prized, but are fast becoming the expected norm, it can become a source of embarrassment and also cause other skin problems. Here’s why you should have it removed (by a professional).


Prevent Painful Ingrown Hairs

Do you have strange, stubborn bumps on your face? Probe into it and find a scarily long (and sometimes, dead) hair? Ingrown hairs are hairs that have grown back under your skin because of a clogged hair pore. Ingrown hair can be angry-looking – red, painful and itchy. Sometimes, these can become infected, in which case needs to be treated with an antibiotic. “Unless facial hair is permanently removed, the ingrown hair is often a recurring problem” says Dr Toby Hui, Medical Consultant at the SW1 Clinic.

Reduce Acne

Do you know that every pore is a channel for sweat, oil, dirt in your skin? And hair follicles lurk within pores? For those who have oily skin or who exercise a lot and/or rarely exfoliate, facial hair can compound the clogged pore issue. Dr Toby often checks her patients’ faces for hair-related causes of acne. “Quite often, a few simple laser hair removal treatments completely resolves or significantly improves acne breakouts”.


Get Smoother Makeup

Removal of short and thin facial hair (vellus hair) allows a smoother canvas for gliding on foundation. “Full makeup should be for women who need to cover up imperfections such as acne or acne scars. When women are not concerned with their facial hair, they tend to apply less makeup. “ says makeup artist Serene Wong. She explains that this is because she finds it easier to blend foundation when facial hair is not in the way. So facial hair removal is a great incentive for trying the light, see-through foundation that you have always wanted!


Minimizes Pores

Removing facial hair doesn’t actually shrink pores, but facial hair removal helps with making them appear smaller. Each pore contains an oil gland that produces oil, and also a tiny hair follicle. Once hair follicles are removed, the pore should become less noticeable. Makes sense?

Should You Shave, Tweeze Or Wax?

Finally, the million dollar question. Dr Toby doesn’t recommend shaving or waxing for facial hair removal.

“Shaving or waxing temporarily solves the hairy issue, but the hairs grow back quickly and they are often thicker” said Dr Toby. (Thicker facial hair? No thank you very much!) He added that waxing will also temporarily help, but he doesn’t recommend the pulling and tugging associated with facial wax for acne-prone or sensitive skin. Just in case you were wondering, tweezing will also result in stronger, thicker hairs, so what solutions are left for the hairy desolute?

Laser hair removal is ideal and highly effective, but it only works if you have dark hair, says Dr Toby. This is because laser hair removal works by targeting pigment in the hair. If you read between the lines, this means individuals with very dark skin may end up getting burnt. That said, if you are a suitable candidate, and your peach fuzz is growing uncontrollably into full facial territory, this is the treatment to get.

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