New Uses For Fillers You Didn’t Know About

Fillers have been around for many years. Asian faces have always craved more anterior projection, while Caucasian faces usually benefit from more volume replacement. But beyond the popular nose filler for an Asian patient or the cheek filler, what are the new uses of fillers today for rejuvenation?

1. Non-invasive “Liquid Face-lift”

Utter the word “facelift” and most people will shudder at the thought of the open, surgical facelift. As much as the aesthetic audience has matured over the years, people are still doubtful of this invasive procedure. No doubt, done under the right hands, the results can be dramatically youthful (Jane Fonda), but people are just not willing to risk complications. In fact, the expectation today for a facelift tips towards the non-invasive procedure. Quite right, with the advent of skin-lifting energy devices such as Ultherapy and Thermage, why shouldn’t people expect such high standards?

Fillers, strategically placed, can have a modest facelift effect!

For those who expect immediate results though, non-invasive skin lifting devices may disappoint. Enter the “Liquid Facelift”, a rejuvenating procedure that puts fillers strategically into the right places for a lift. A temporary browlift, cheeklift, jawline lift are all in order with this nifty procedure. While a filler lift not a difficult procedure to perform, intimate knowledge of facial anatomy is important for this to work, because it is not about pumping the face full of fillers, but cleverly relaxing certain ligaments or certain muscles.


2. Fill Hollow Temples and Bony Foreheads


A full forehead and temples are signs of youth.

Don’t be surprised, but temple and forehead fillers have now joined the filler rejuvenation squad. Full foreheads and temples are signs of youth, hollow temples and bony foreheads are not. In fact most people would have lost some volume in these two areas visibly by the time they are 40.

3. Augment A Weak Chin

Most people would not have thought of augmenting their chins first, but guess what? More women (and men) are turning to this procedure because they have slowly come to understand that saggy jawlines and poorly defined chins make a person look old and unattractive. For women, a sloping jawline that tapers to a sharper “V” is considered youthful, and for men, an angled jawline that tapers to a square, boyish chin is considered attractive!

It’s all about proportion. A sharp and proportionate chin frames the lower face, and is usually associated with a youthful and more attractive appearance.

For those lacking in aesthetic real estate in the lower third of the face, chin fillers is an easy and quick, non-surgical fix to frame and restore ideal proportion to the face. The results are also remarkably natural-looking!

4. Fill Acne Scars

If you have had your fair share of laser resurfacing to even out acne scars, you can try filling them instead. It only takes a small push of fillers into a depressed scar and the results are instantly rewarding. But wait, apart from hyaluronic filler injections, Rejuran Healer is a legendary new way that fills up acne scars by working on the structural blocks of your very own skin, resulting in enhanced collagen production, allowing acne scars to “fill up” on their own over time.

5. Skin Boosters

Dry, dull and dehydrated skin, or envy Korean dewy skin? Babydrop fillers are very soft fillers that can be injected superficially into the skin. Since hyaluronic acid is the chief molecule of water, these tiny drops in the skin attract water and the effect is deep hydration, minus the oily effect of your oily night cream! Skin is noticeably more plump, pores appear smaller and there is a very natural glow!

A small note though, a few days before this procedure, avoid supplements or medication that can increase your chances of bruising, such as fish oil, Vitamin E, Aspirin etc.

6. Erase Deep Neck Lines

Because so many types of fillers and available today, doctors have started to find uses for them in areas outside of the face. The excellent safety profile of fillers today also mean that people are much more open to filler injections in places which also reveal signs of one’s vintage, such as a wrinkly neck! In this part of the body, hyaluronic acid and even calcium hydroxypatite (Radiesse) can be safely injected superficially into neck creases, smoothening them out instantly. The results can be surprisingly long lasting in this relatively immobile area which is not normally affected by facial expression.

However, less is more in this respect, and find a doctor trained to do this, to avoid unnecessary filler lumps!

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  1. I really like what you said about filling acne scars and skin boosters. These are all things that my wife has been looking into and I’ve been curious to know about what she is really talking about. It would be great if there was something that she could use that would really make her feel more confident in herself.

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