How to Banish Bingo Wings for WOW Arms

As sleeves become non-existent with the rising summer heat, bat wings have nowhere to hide. Notoriously difficult to tame as they are, wobbly arms can become toned and sculpted with a good understanding of the nature of those beasts.



Good Genes: Genetics play a big role in determining your body shape, how easily muscles respond to training, and how thick or thin your skin (revealing underlying muscles) is.

Exercise & Diet: Regular exercise (including strength & cardio) and a healthy diet will determine how much body fat you have and how toned your muscles are. The less body fat and more toned the muscles, the better your arm definition.

Taut Skin: Firm taut skin shows off lean toned arms like a form-fitting frock. Age and drastic rapid weight-loss may cause lax skin which can be tightened by treatments like Thermage.




Physical trainer, Muhammad, from Absolute Living demonstrates four simple moves you can do at home to get arms svelte and sexy all year round. You can slip them easily into your daily routine – during commercial breaks, in the midst of cooking dinner, or as part of your regular workout. Start easy and aim to do 3 sets of 10 reps for each wow-arm move eventually as you improve. Remember gals, perseverance is key.


WOW Arms Move #1 – Dips: Keep your arms at shoulder width apart, and torso close to the bench as you perform this exercise. Dip your butt slowly, till elbows are at 90 degrees and feel those triceps working. Fully extend your elbows as you go back up.


WOW Arm Move #2 – Overhead Two Hand Triceps Extension: Use yellow pages or a big book as weights. Bend your elbows to bring the book behind your head, keeping elbows close to your ears. Fully extend your elbow as you push up.
WOW Arm Move #3 – Triceps Kickback: Hold a filled water bottle as a weight. Keep your back straight and shoulders up as one arm presses against a bench or sofa for support. Flex the other elbow 90 degrees, before fully extending it slowly to tone your triceps. Repeat this for the opposite arm.

WOW Arm Move #4 – Short-range Push-up: Lie on your chest, knees bent for support. Keeping your elbow close to your torso, place your hands slightly below your chest and press up to work those triceps and chest muscles.



Thermage, a non-invasive device that uses deep-penetrating radiofrequency to tighten skin, is particularly effective on bingo wings. One treatment squeezed in between your business appointment and picking up the kids is generally required to add spring to existing lax collage and power up your skin’s own replenishment of new collagen over the 6 months that follow. Skin will stay taut for an average of 12 months.

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