Year: 2018

These Are The Reasons Why Your Pigmentation Is Not Getting Better

You may not have wrinkles, but you feel like you are starting to age. Chances are, it’s the uneven skin tone that you are worrying about. We are talking about bigger, darker patches rather than small freckles. If you are not sure what you need to do to banish pesky pigmentation once and for all, we’ve got you covered.   TIP #1 AVOID SUN OVER-EXPOSURE These aging dark spots are frequently caused by sun exposure – specifically the UVA “silent” rays which do not cause any skin burns, but sneakily penetrate deep into your skin and stimulates your skin’s normal pigment cells to produce more pigment (melanin). These are responsible for your tan, and also the unwanted, uneven patches of darker skin. These spots do not actually appear overnight, but take years to show. In younger women, this, together with hormonal triggers can cause patchy pigmentation known as melasma which is notoriously difficult to treat. So avoid sun over-exposure and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen such as Umbrella to ensure your Continue Reading


We’ve identified the saboteurs standing between your skin and that ineffable radiance. The lit-from-within glow is not restricted to supermodels and celebrities only – find out how you can amp up your skin’s wattage.   #1 SABOTEUR – DEAD SKIN CELLS Radiant skin reflects light, but more often than not, we are not doing enough to let this property shine. Millions of skin cells are shed daily, and a large proportion of these do not fall off quickly enough and masks your skin with a dull, grayish tone. Getting rid of this pesky layer actively will improve your glow factor immediately. Try a regular facial scrub such as the biphasic Crystal Healing Oxygenating Scrub twice a week, or try a hydrating serum with chemical exfoliating properties, such as Sleep Mode, which contains glycolic acid. Once or twice a month, try a cleansing ritual such as SW1 Spa’s ultrasonic cleansing, which uses ultrasonic wave motion to get rid of surface skin cells as well as impurities.   #2 SABOTEUR – FILTH Continue Reading


Caring for your skin is a wonderful habit. Unfortunately not all of us have that kind of cash on hand (nor time and patience) to maintain a 10 or 11 step skincare routine. If you are one of these and feel you are unable to reap the full rewards of a solid routine, fret not, we’ve come up with 5 multi-tasking products to help you achieve the dreamy complexion you are yearning for.   1. CRYSTAL HEALING OXYGENATED FACIAL SCRUB Every facial therapist cleanses, exfoliates and then masks. Why should a facial-in-a-jar be any different? This little tub of magical-looking crystals transforms into an oxygenized mask when you mix a little of it with water. Infusing your skin with precious oxygen, it then transforms into a fine scrub to dislodge impurities. These micro-ionized pearls works wonders to improve microcirculation and illuminates skin for that fresh, out-of-shower look. 2. SLEEP MODE Do you break out a little but have combination or dry skin? Sleep Mode works overnight to unclog pores and Continue Reading

The Cold Plasma Therapy That Is Changing Skins For The Better

The Neogen PSR is a new skin resurfacing treatment that first damages skin cells which then encourages regrowth and regeneration, firming the entire architecture of the skin and allowing new and fresher skin to show through.   WHAT IS NEOGEN PSR? A state-of-the-art, exciting new skin rejuvenation resurfacing treatment that uses plasma energy to deliver uniform heating the the skin’s architecture, results in immediate collagen contraction and skin tightening effects. Anti-aging aficionados may have already heard by now, that instead of using a more traditional energy source such as lasers and light, plasma energy, also known as the fourth state of matter (the other three being solid, liquid and gas), is activated ionized gas which is generated from inert nitrogen gas via an ultra-high frequency generator in the Neogen System. High energy treatments are used to achieve dramatic skin tightening and facial contouring results (think of it as mini-facelifts) while lower energy treatments are targeted at erasing earlier signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin and Continue Reading

FDA-approved Lasers That Turn Skin Around Effectively

Great, glowing skin will not change your life around instantly but feeling beautiful in your skin can give you a confidence boost to put your best foot forward in life. Here are some of the latest and hottest FDA-approved lasers for an uplifting transformation. 1. REDNESS AND ROSACEA If your face is prone to blushing and flushing, and has tiny red pimple-like bumps, it might mean you have rosaccea. Characterised by dilatation of blood vessels and causing redness at the slightest irritation – cold, heat, alcohol, stress and even spicy food. Long suffering flushed faces may find relief from a pulsed dye laser called VBeam. This laser is the gold standard treatment for broken capillaries, redness and flushing, even even certain birthmarks such as port wine stains. 2. PIGMENT AND PORES Laser treatments have been shown to be effective for tough pigments such as melasma, but conventional lasers have higher risk of worsening pigmentation when there is too much heat. Pico Pigment is the latest and hottest picosecond laser that Continue Reading