SKIN MAG Tips – Hot Summer Beauty Secrets

Yes, yes, we know – hot summer blaze definitely brings some of your beauty concerns. Worried about sun-spots, frizzy hair, and other summer woes? You’re not alone. Use these beauty tips to get your glow on and breeze through the beautiful summer months!


Hot scorching weather can ruin the glare of your gorgeous makeup. More efforts are needed when it comes to putting makeup over your face to keep it light, soft and natural throughout the day. Here we have the cool summer makeup secrets to keep up the freshness of your look. First, start with a primer. If your skin is not extremely dry, you do not need to use layers of foundation. Initiate with a primer is good enough and it will give you a more natural and alluring look.

Second, reach out for the bronzer to highlight your facial features. We recommend light peach or pastel pink for the season. Not only that it highlights your cheekbones, bronzer enhance your natural glow. As for the eyes, forget about your usual eye products this summer. Stick to your favourite waterproof mascara. Avoid eyeshadows if possible. Eyeshadows in a scorching hot weather can melt in hours. Alternatively, you can run a nude eye liner to open up your eyes for a natural look.

Next, Blush it up with Hardy & Co. Blush Flush. Not only this stem-cell infused blusher gives you that appealing look, the active ingredients help to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your radiance. Oh, did I mention that it comes in a glass rollerball applicator that’s suitable for both cheeks and lip. This lightweight formula is perfect for your summer makeover! Where you were hitting the beach or just a day out at the cafe, the tips of a great summer makeover is to keep it natural.


Extra TLC is needed during the summer months as our skin can become much more sensitive, irritative and oilier (duh!) than usual. So, it’s definitely time to switch your skincare products around. With the head and humidity during the summer, experts suggest switching your creams and serum to oil-free products. Use water-based toner and moisturiser for a start to keep your face looking dewy and appealing all day long. Water-based toners are the best way to look fresh all day.

With the soaring temperature, most face products would be suffocating your pores. The tip is to keep your skin well-hydrated and oil-free at the same time. Try oil-free moisturiser like Sloane Inc Aqualicious. This lightweight moituriser is carefully formulated to deeply quench your dehydrated skin with pure encapsulated water.

It is common to get dehydrated as the hours pass during hot weather. If moisturise alone is not good enough for your extremely dehydrated skin, try Sloane Inc Pure Hydrating Mist to help replenish your moisture tank and vital nutrients to keep your skin smoothed, hydrated and younger throughout the summer months.


The humid and hot weather conditions is working against you and your strands. It is proven to be a major obstacle to achieving good hair. It is almost inevitable to prevent the humidity-induced frizz fest. Yes, you heard it right – almost! Here are some ideas that will withstand the climate. Try making waves and many stylist called the “undone beach waves”. It’s as easy as it sounds. Use a mid-size curling iron on random areas of your strands to create more definition. The secret here is to use a texturizer to get that messy finish. Alternatively, if you fancy some short cuts, why not try crop top? Take a look at Scarlett Johansson as the ultimate in versatility. Again, d some texturizing cream and push it up for an edgier style for your gorgeous summer outings!

-By Jennifer W.


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