Date Night Beauty Prep Tips – V-Day Style

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you can almost smell the romance in the air. If you think there’s no time to make some last minute tweaks to your routine to ensure you look hot for a date, not to worry!  We have the best tips to get yourself ready – V-Day style.

768Get a Fresh Glow

You want to put your best face forward on a date night – which means well-hydrated and glowing complexion. The best treatment to enhance your complexion in the shortest time is an award winning Go Glow Facial. In the month of February, many of us are dealing with dry, pale and lacklustre skin. Go Glow Facial takes ‘glowing’ skin to a whole new level with latest skin illuminating active ingredients. This intensive clinical facial not only effective resurface skin and polish off dead and dull skin cells, it also encourages cellular renewal for a more youthful look. This amazing facial is complemented by a unique combination of active serums and cremes to refresh and regenerate your skin cells leaving your skin feels firmer and radiant immediately after. This facial if best for a super glow fix or before a super hot date night.

Relax and get exfoliated

We use this day as an excuse to pamper ourselves. Treat yourself this Valentine’s day by making February all about you regardless of what your relationship status might be. Visit a spa and relax your body and mind. Get yourself a good body scrub to recharge your skin from neck to toe. A gentle exfoliant is best to remove any skin that is naturally flaking off especially on a dry month like February. Not only your skin will be smooth and soft, a spa day helps to alleviate any stress you might be having and help to bring a cool, calm demeanour to the (dinner) table. Whether you’re looking for a quality ‘me’ time or a spa day together to relax and reconnect with one another, a day at the spa will definitely you and your loved one feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed.

A Red Mani

There’s something absolutely romantic about a shiny lacquer in a deep, rich red shade. It looks even sexier on warmer skin tones or when you have a tan. Well-groomed nails give you a polished and glamorous look. Shimmering red polish looks beautiful and alluring on all nail lengths and it’s a colour that become very popular during party season and Valentine’s Day. For even better result, slip a pocket-sized lotion in a creamy vanilla scent into your handbag. Well-hydrated hands can make your hands look and feel younger to touch!

Get your bikini line taken care of

Alright sisters, let’s get real here. We all know things can get a little frisky on Valentine’s Day (or should I say ‘night’). Between the seductive outfit, the fancy dinner, and endless bottles of wines, this special holiday sure adds a bit of romance in the air. You should definitely get your bikini line taken care of if you think the night might head in this direction. Better yet, go for the Brazilian! One crucial tip-be sure to avoid any of those DIY hair removal methods that often end with disastrous outcomes. Laser hair removal is the only permanent hair removal solution, completely eliminating any upkeep that’s required when you choose to wax or shave. Lasers are able to safely and effectively remove hair by targeting the pigments in the hair follicles without doing any damage to the surrounding skin. Although one will require anywhere between six to eight sessions of treatment to ensure optimal results, getting started now will certainly give your skin a soft and flawless appearance in time for Valentine’s Day. Speak to your physical today to get to know more about the procedure.


– By Caroline Ding


*This article has been selected Editor’s Choice for Feb 2017*


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