9 Ways to Use Bio-Oil in Your Beauty Regime

Nailing flawless, radiant skin from top to tip has always been beauty’s most hard-to-tick box. Which is why we spend mega bucks (think billions per year) on a truckload of different potions to help us get there. And why we are on a constant lookout for surefire shortcuts to a Miranda Kerr all-over-hot-mama glow, without a cabinet creaking with bottles.


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Even though we know it better as the No. 1 selling stretch mark and scar remedy in Singapore, Bio-Oil is really a do-it-all skin saviour to help us get gorg from head to toe. And who better to steal the secrets of extracting the most out of this no-nonsense multi-tasker than celebrity hair & makeup artist and Bio-Oil fan, Andrea Claire. While the possibilities seem endless, here are our favourite uses of the little miracle worker:


1 Multi-Tasking Facial Moisturiser: Yes, you can safely enjoy the goodness of this exceptional product on your face. Thanks to the patented PurCellin Oil, Bio-Oil sinks in deep within a split second to effectively moisturise without leaving an oily residue (always a mega plus in our humid weather!). Carrying along a treasure trove of nourishing botanical extracts and age-fighting vitamins A & E, it will be your trusty sidekick who fends off the ravages of time quietly while you go about conquering the challenges of life. On top of bolstering skin’s wrinkle-resistance, 93 percent of subjects in a clinical trial also noticed an improvement in their uneven skin tone and blotchiness in just 6 weeks.

Testers Say: “It really hydrates my skin well, I use it on my face, neck and body” says Laura.

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2 pinkAcne Scar Healer: Being non-comedogenic, Bio-Oil can be used as either as a spot treatment to lighten dark pimple marks or as a non-greasy moisturiser to keep combination skin balanced, thus preventing excessive dryness and irritation due to acne products.

Testers Say: “I underwent Fraxel Restore to smoothen my acne-scarred skin, and I used Bio-oil to keep my skin hydrated nightly for 2 weeks. The oil helped to reduce the cost laser redness quickly and adder 2 weeks, I could see an amazing improvement” says 35 year old acne sufferer, Jessie.

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3 pinkMakeup Primer: Smoothing on a tiny amount before your foundation is all you need to imbue a delicious dewy glow sans oily streakiness. Alternatively, just dab it on your cheekbones for a pretty, highlighting sheen.

Testers Say: “I found that you have to use a really small amount, and this may work better in a cold, less humid climate than Singapore. Like the time when I was in Hokkaido and makeup was just flaky, this made my makeup look dewy” comments our in-house makeup expert Emily.

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4 pinkCosmetic Transformer: Turn your powder or pigment eyeshadows to achieve a ‘wet eye look’ that’s all over the runways this Fall. Compared to the usual vaseline, the Bio-Oil makeup base is less prone to messy migration. Similarly, blend a itsy-bitsy amount to your blusher or foundation for a sheer wash of colour and tinted moisturiser to look perfectly primped on your day-off. The featherweight oil also makes blending on overly fast-drying cheek & lip stains a breeze.

Testers Say: “I actually tried this with my dried out Maybelline lipstick, and converted it to a rosy lip gloss. It doesn’t have as much staying power as Vaseline but I find that it gives a more natural look. I layer on a barrier like Vaseline if I want it to last a little longer” says our beauty maven Claudin.

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5 pinkAfter-Sun Soother: Besides acting as a protective layer over skin to hold in moisture, natural botanicals such as chamomile extract, calendula oil and rosemary oil further soothe and nurse scorched skin back to a healthy post-holiday glow.

Testers Say: “I found that a combination of Gentlewaves’ 40 second healing light and bio-oil restored my skin colour and health in a little less than 3 days after my nasty sunburn” says avid surfer Kelly.

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6Cuticle Protector: Massage the vitamin E-rich Bio-Oil into your cuticles and manicured nails to keep them healthy and strong.

Testers Say: “This works just as well as any other cuticle oil on the market” remarks Emily.

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7Frizz Fighter: Smooth on the last bit of Bio-Oil onto dry hair ends as a hair serum, or finger comb through unruly tresses to tame flyaways and frizzy fros.

Testers Say: “I only use it on the ends, and it tames my hair very well. As it is not one of those dry oil, be careful not to get too much too close to the scalp or you will end up with limp hair” advises hair guru Helena.

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8Massage Oil: Knead away the day’s tension and perfect your body skin simultaneously. The calming and lightly-scented lavender, calendula and rosemary oils keep you zen, while the skin-bettering Bio-Oil smooth away stretch marks, parched skin and post-bacne or insect-bite marks. Don’t forget those neglected elbows and knobbly knees.

Testers Say: “It left my skin feeling nice, soft and tingly after a 30 minute foot massage” says lucky Nora who was treated to a free session of foot massage with bio-oil.

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9Pre-Shave Skin Prep: Slather on this versatile beauty helper before shaving to soften skin and prevent nicks.

Testers Say: “It moisturises my skin well before shaving my legs. On my underarms, I underwent laser hair removal as shaving irritated the area. I used bio-oil after my laser and my skin felt soft and supple immediately after!” comments Yee Ling, our Health editor.

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How do you use Bio-Oil in your beauty routine? Share your tips with us!


andrea claire


Andrea Claire is known for creating radiant skin tones and luxurious hair styles for glossy cover pages and red carpet. Her contemporary style has graced numerous magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE and Marie Claire. Her work has also been seen on TV programs like Asia’s Next Top Model, Canadian Idol and Stylin’ Gypsies, So Chic, a Canadian makeover show she co-starred. Andrea’s A-list clients include Anlanis Morissette and Natalie Imbruglia, among many others. 






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74 thoughts on “9 Ways to Use Bio-Oil in Your Beauty Regime”

  1. I like this Bio-oil. I find it works best when mixed with another lotion (I like to mix it with Lubriderm). It helps to keep your skin hydrated, rather than re-hydrating, so I find using it right after washing or with another lotion is best. If I’m applying it to my body I will mix it with Lubriderm unscented. If I am using it on my face I just apply a drop or too right after i dry my face. I find the scent nice and non-irritating. My face looks more plump when I use this. The oil sinks in and it’s not too shiny after it sinks in for a minute. I like it a lot and will repurchase when I need to.

  2. I buy this oil almost every winter to help with my extremely dry skin. This has done WONDERS for my skin, i am truly amazed. It helps against dryness, marks, discoloration, and tone. It feels so soft on my skin keeps it moisturized.. I would totally buy it again.

  3. I was hoping this Bio Oil would be more of a moisturizing agent than it really is, but it does help to diminish scars and stretch marks which is nice. It’s rather pricey so I suggest you try and use it sparingly before going out all gung-ho if you will. But honestly it’s a good product overall and I can’t complain because visible results were in effect rather quickly. I would buy it again.

  4. I found out about the Bio Oil a few weeks ago through a beauty product blog, and the blogger holding up this gem as the most perfect oil she has ever used in her life. I was so skeptical at first, because I have tried everything. On my face, I had acne scars on my cheeks, little break outs here and there, and black heads on my nose. On the sides of my legs? More stretch mark scars. On my back and shoulders, even more acne scars. The Bio Oil arrived in my mailbox only around a few days ago. Keep this in mind.

    Opening up the translucent orange bottle, I already immediately hated it. It was so oily, and that is its only downside. I have never ever been of fan of oils, because I have always associated it with a catalyst for furthering acne. Not this treasure though.

    I applied it on my cheeks, cringing at how oily it was. I continued on my nose, forehead, shoulders, thighs, and hips. The instructions say to use twice daily, so I used it twice daily, morning and night. (Also, I went about excessive with the oil in certain areas.)

    Low and behold, almost EVERY MARK IS GONE. On the back of the bottle, it says to use it for 3 MONTHS daily to see optimal results. Within 3 DAYS, my acne scars on my face have vanished. IT IS A MIRACLE OIL, DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS. My acne? Gone. My blackheads? Non-existent. The scars? I wonder if they were even there to begin with and it was all in my head.

    The acne scars on my back are on their way to vanishing, and as for the stretchmarks on my thighs, I await promising results. My skin there is already smoother, cleaner, softer and evenly toned in color. This goes for my face as well.

    My skin has never looked better ever. Everything is becoming the same tone of color, blending in beautifully absent of any scars or marks or acne.

    Although I hate how oily the product is, it is a miracle oil and I want to slap myself for ever thinking otherwise. Your face will not look dry or even matte, it will look GLOWING. It moisturizes and heals your face. When you walk out of your door, people will wonder what you have done to look so evanescent and glowing.

    I have already received comments about my skin and how ” beautiful” I look now. Good luck and I hope you made the right choice in buying this product, I certainly did! I will certainly repurchase it . Please do not ignore this product, It might just save your wallet and skin.

      1. According to the good people at Bio Oil, this product can be used in acne-prone skin to help lighten the pimple marks, or to moisturise dehydrated or sensitive skin. Let us know your experience with Bio Oil too:)

    1. This lightweight oil sinks in quickly to moisturise and provide age-fighting antioxidants to skin. Use this before your sunscreen to fight off the ageing effects of the sun

  5. Hi,my skin is oily type,can i use these oil for oily skin also advise Where in Dubai can i purchase these oil.



    1. Hi there, you can use Bio Oil on your face and body. If your skin is very dry, you can layer on a moisturiser after that.

  6. Hi Anju, even I have oily skin and have been using Bio Oil for both my face & body.. It absorbs quickly and is not sticky at all. Regarding purchase – you might want to check with some of the Indian Sites who have these products listed at a much cheaper cost than Global rates & also ship it worldwide.. try clickoncare Rs. 423/-
    they might charge you a bit for shipping internationally.. here u go with the link: https://www.clickoncare.com/bio-oil-60-ml

    1. For sweat-prone areas like the underarms, you might want to try other gentle skin-lighteners such as oil-free vitamin C serums.

    1. Hi there! Bio Oil is suitable for men, but I wouldn’t use it on my lips. Neither will it replace your trusty sunscreen.

  7. Hi there.
    I have a highly sensitive skin.Six beauticians have tested my skin through machine and confirmed me as i am having highly sensitive and little bit oily skin.
    my skin tone had become three times darker due to sunburn.my skin really irritates when i am under sun.I have tried almost all the good products available in market.But no such fruitful result could those products show.
    Even i winter i cannot apply moisturiser as i get ample amount of acne and pimples which makes my face really horrible since last two winters.
    Please help me out of this problem.


    1. Dark circles can be due to a myriad of causes. But many do find beauty oils like Bio Oil good for conditioning the dull, dry undereye skin and reducing fine lines.

  8. Hi,

    is the below mention correct step to apply bio oil .

    Day Time
    1) Toner
    2) Eye cream
    3) Bio Oil
    4) Sun cream

    Night time
    1) toner
    2) eye cream
    3) Bio oil

    Hope to hear from you soon

  9. Hii
    I have many spots on my legs may b because of waxing and my hair growth is uneven and hard. I am already using bio oil but wanted to know can i use this product for my legs as well ?

    1. Yes, you can use this as a moisturising beauty oil under makeup. If your skin is very dehydrated you can layer a day moisturiser over it, but if you’re acne-prone, we would skip the day cream.

    1. I would be careful with a burn and seek advise from a doctor. But Bio Oil is said to help dark marks left behind by pimples or other skin injuries.

  10. Hi, i wanna ask you. I use the serum and night cream from doctor. And i wanna use bio oil as well.. can u tell me how the step to use it? I use serum then the night cream because that’s what my doctor said.. but if i wanna apply the bio oil, what’s the step?

    1. In that case, we would use the Bio Oil after the serum and before the cream. Alternatively, you can use the Bio Oil in place of your serum if you find it too rich for your skin to use so many products

  11. Hi. N Kajol my age is 21 n I have many stretch marks on my arms. N even on waist. It is my so dark but it’s old. Cn I use bio oil. N when wil i get an effective result.

    1. Topicals like Bio Oil work best to help healing of stretch marks that are new. But there is no harm trying as it might soften out the stretch marks and brighten up the overall skin tone so that the stretch marks like less obvious.

  12. Hi. My feet are darker bcos of sun and I have pimples on my face. Will bio oil even out my feet color and help my pimples

  13. Hii
    I have many spots on my legs may b because of waxing and my hair growth is uneven and hard. I am already using bio oil but wanted to know can i use this product for my legs as well ?

  14. should I mix bio-oil with my moisturising cream? I’ve been using bio oil for the past 4 months but after 2 months of using it, I discovered some white lines on my legs – not permanent,the white lines disappear after a bath – but it’s like my skin gets dry after some hours of using bio oil. my sister also complained of these lines…she was told by someone to mix bio-oil with another cream but idk if I should do this pls help! pls reply ASAP.

  15. Hi. I do not use any make up except a moisturiser when I head out. How do you suggest I inculcate bio oil in my everyday routine? I have a mixed skin and live in India. So I fear that my face might attract dust if I slap on bio oil before heading out.

  16. I have broken out in hives from using mosquito repellent with citronella in it. I see in the ingredients that citronellel is in Bio- Oil . Is that the same thing? I bought some but now. I’m afraid to try it

  17. I am doing an Americanized version of the 10 step Korean skin care routine and use Bio Oil as my serum. The serum step is supposed to be the product that lightens and brightens. I have a large sun spot on my cheek and it has been fading with repeated use of the Bio Oil. I only use it on areas where I have uneven skin tone or redness because it DOES leave an oily residue on my face (I have combination skin). But I would highly recommend it as not only has it reduced my sun spots but I have friends who swear by it for their stretch marks. It’s a great product and much less expensive than a lot of comparable products.

  18. I used Bio-Oil religiously while pregnant. Absolutely zero stretch marks.

    I have acne scarring on my face and freckles on my chest. I’m going to start using it more. I use micellar water wipes on my face and will apply Bio-Oil to my skin before moisturizer. Hopefully this will help.

  19. Hi, plz tell me the right way to use bio oil day n night time..
    Day time:
    Bio oil

    Night time:
    Bio oil
    Night cream
    Is dis a right way if not so plz suggest me the right way..

    1. I believe that sun protection is always vital. Bio-oil can only moisturise the skin and not provide any amount of protection from UV unfortunately.

    1. That would largely depend on your skin type. My personal skin type is oily skin so I would never use bio-oil alone but I don’t see why someone with very dry skin may not find this somewhat useful?

  20. Hi…I have dry and tanned face…I am using Lotus herbal moisturizer and night cream daily at night…can I use Bio Oil before applying moisturizer or night cream?? Is it useful for tanned and wrinkled skin?? Pls suggest me…

    1. I personally like to apply moisturiser before using any oils. I find that water-based moisturisers cannot be absorbed after i apply a layer of oil on the skin. Why don’t you share your experience after using this with us?

    1. I have never tried this on wet wet skin. On damp skin, I find it pretty good but never on fully wet skin.Why don’t you let us know how you find it?

  21. The amazing idea you shared on this page with the outstanding steps to eliminating of scars and wrinkles from the Sensitive skin of face and forehead in a seven days by using the hemp seed oil daily after the washing of face completely and also remove the water with the risen of clean wipes or cloth according the period of a time after the recommendations of a doctor ,Remember you must go to a doctor one time in a week for a starting of proper treatment of eliminating wrinkles and pimples appeared on the Sensitive skin of face due to light of sun with a red light therapy,keep it in your mind don’t work in the light of sun because the heat of sun with the particles of sun rays increase the wrinkles and cracks on the skin due to the demaged of skin layers after the working of some time you notice the color of skin become black and cracks are increased due to the effect of sun light . So take care of skin and avoid to work in a light of sun . you also use a mask on the face if necessary to work in the light of sun and also use carrot in the food salad .

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