Beauty Flashback – Best & Worst Beauty Trends

It seems like just a moment ago that we were reflecting on magnetic nail polish and Lady Gaga’s creepy black perfume. Or has an entire year really swish right past us in the toss of the tresses? We might just crop a wrinkle just thinking about it *gasp*.

It has been a colourful, volumized and thoroughly entertaining year. As we ring in 2013, let us reminisce some of the beauty game-changers which you should bring along into the New Year, and a couple of questionable trends that had us scratching our formerly techni-coloured ombré hair in confusion and with a pang of remorse.




2012 has been a swinging year for nail art. Beyond the crackle, magnetic and velvet flocked fingertips, snazzy creations from the red carpet have been real wowzers. From Kelly Osbourne’s $250K Azature black diamond mani to Jessica Biel’s mother of pearl Ciaté caviar beads, celebs showed that dressed-up digits are necessary accessories to tie your look together and stand out from the crowd.







With nails so long and threateningly pointy, you may need a license to tote these talons around. Adele, Beyonce, Lana Del Rey and a slew of A-listers have ensured the stiletto nail a fun little run, but we say the less lengthy classic “squoval” (square nails with a slight rounding at the sides) still remains the sharpest and most practical way to wear any polish.









Highly visible and vulnerable, yet oft-neglected – it’s high time we shift our focus off the face and lend some TLC to our damage-prone necks. And the latest non-surgical treatment by The Sloane Clinic has got those in-the-know talking. Their Neck & Jaw Program is a multi-prong protocol, designed to reverse the ravages of time with a combination of top-tier treatments – Botox, Revitalift, Fraxel laser and Ultherapy – to target the various processes of aging simultaneously for more rapid and stellar synergistic results. Your doctor will customize a comprehensive plan after assessment.






Many of us here at SKIN are pretty much game to test out any beauty-related remedy, no matter how “exotic” (or insane) it may be: Think Gwyneth Paltrow’s snake venom toxic secret to lineless skin, Kim Kardashian’s attempt to pull off a Bella Swan with the vampire facial, or even slathering on bird poop to deep purify (that’s the paradoxical claim) and whiten our skin with the Geisha facial.

But one of this year’s aesthetic fads seemed more harmful than helpful. Yes, we’re talking about bagel-heading (could it be inspired by an alien-invasion apocalypse?). While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this wacky Japanese trend left us shaking our heads – and its followers blowing up theirs, by injecting saline under the skin before leaving an imprint of their thumbs right between the brows.





The latest stylish way to keep strands out of your face is with the top knot, and we foresee this hair trend will have staying power into 2013. The chic head-topper was seen in various braided, messy, gyaru-kawaii and ballerina-like variations, and has made its way from running errands to red carpets. Seriously, what better style to excuse greasy hair?








This year saw a bumper crop of bow tie coifs after Lady Gaga fashioned a whimsical oversized one. The Hello Kitty style has since popped up its head everywhere from weddings, internet to the red carpet. Now, it seemed to have finally reached its strand breaking point when teen singing sensation Tallia Storm stepped out in her twisted take on the giant hair bow this Fall.





– By Alexia Wilson


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