Quick Hair Click – Book a Salon. Get Discounts

Busy bees and bargain hunters, hear this: Now you can get book your appointment with your hair salon at the click of a button while on-the-go. Plus, get attractive discounts as you primped.

Quick Hair Click is a newly launched online booking and promotions portal in Singapore, the first that is dedicated to hair salons. Available online and as a mobile app, you can book your hair appointments at more than 15 locations with the stylist of your choice instantly – at any time of the day, any day – and even get exclusive discounts of 30 percent or more off selected services.

In addition, Quick Hair Click boasts a feature which allows you to find a salon near you, offering you all the more convenience.

Check it out at www.quickhairclick.com


2 thoughts on “Quick Hair Click – Book a Salon. Get Discounts”

  1. Having online Hair Salon Appointment is a Great idea as many people tends to get busy everyday. Just by clicking on the website, it will direct you to a page where you have to choose your salon, followed by stylist, date and time and lastly the part where you confirm the appointment. By not booking it online, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Many people tends to have the idea of wanting to go over to the salon itself and some are willing to wait, while others don’t, and this will make the place full of people to get their hair cuts. Just by cutting, they have to choose the style, and some wants to get their hair coloured. Many people now are going over to the salon itself to make sure they will get the correct hairstyle. However, they will have to be patient. In addition, booking it online will be better and faster so that you don’t have to wait. This benefits people that are busy than any other people, and of course it helps to “fast forward” the process in the salon.

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