Super Blueberry Aloe Masque for Face & Eyes

Blueberries, along with the exotic acai berry, have one of the highest known levels of antioxidants of any food. These flavonoid antioxidants, along with Vitamins A, C & E, help neutralize free radical damage to the cells and collagen matrix – fending off the ravages of age and the environment to stop wrinkles and spots in their tracks.

The power berry is also jam packed with vitamins and minerals that promote revitalization and healing of the skin to reduce scarring, and help strengthen fragile walls of broken capillaries in those troubled by blotchy skin.

In season May through October, now is the perfect time snack up on this nutrient powerhouse and experiment with some DIY blueberry skincare at the same time!


Go Gather:

  • 1/4 cup of blueberries (best if they’re organic and slightly ripe)
  • 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel (I just use store-bought aloe gel for convenience)


Time to Deflate the Puff and Turn On the Glow!

Both blueberries and aloe vera are wonderful to soothe and heal tortured after-sun skin or blemished skin marked by a zitty calamity. This cold masque is particularly amazing to invigorate and brighten dull, lifeless skin post-revelry, or to depuff bloated faces and eyebags during that time of the month.

Pop both ingredients in the fridge to chill nicely till you’re ready to use. In a small bowl, mash the blueberries. Add aloe vera gel, mash and mix thoroughly to release all the anthocyanin goodness from the mini violet gems. Alternatively, use a handheld mixer if available for speed, ease and an even blend.

Put the anti in ageing, and take your breakout out of the box with this oil-free DIY blueberry-aloe mask.

Spread a generous layer of the berrylicious gel on your face and carefully under the eyes. I prefer to top that off with strips of cling wrap to enhance penetration of the precious phytonutrients and reduce the risk of smearing the reddish gel all over. But this is totally optional.

What is absolutely necessary is a 20 minute break from whatever you’re doing and just chill out — soak away your weariness in a bath, listen to your favourite music, or snooze. When time’s up, simply massage in the gel gently and remove the masque with lukewarm water and glow on!


– By Magdeleine Lim


2 thoughts on “Super Blueberry Aloe Masque for Face & Eyes”

  1. Isn’t eating it better then put on our face? I think blending blueberries with some other fruit juice is better then put on face since blueberries is not very cheap.

    1. Blueberries make the ideal healthy snack – super nutritious yet low in calories. But to ensure the antioxidant goodness goes to our skin direct, it’s best to apply it to the skin (since only a tiny fraction of the nutrients taken in through our diet will reach the skin) ^_^

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