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I’m the girl who can’t leave home without some “natural” makeup to fake flawless skin.

Even if the improvement in my appearance is 80 percent in my own head, a little dab of a BB cream or sheer foundation (okay…plus a touch of eyeliner, three coats of mascara, and a swipe of lipstick topped with a teeny bit of pout-magnifying gloss)  makes me feel 100 percent better. Especially when my involuntary facial flush makes me look unattractively blotchy and painfully bashful, or you might even say “feverishly excitable” (trust me, I’m not).

Unfortunately, even light cosmetics (be it oil-free, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, mineral, blah blah) tend to make my sensitive skin breakout in tiny spots and clogs – which means more cosmetic camouflage to look presentable at work. After all, a spotty, red-faced beauty writer is never in vogue.



I was totally amazed when my skin felt good enough to go makeup-free after my Dermalogica weekend skin rehab at the Signature Spa.

Committed to improving skin health, and not merely aesthetically-driven, Dermalogica utilizes only quality natural ingredients in their products, and takes a no-nonsense, result oriented stance on their treatments and skincare line which is even reflected in their no-frill packaging.

I knew I was in good hands when I was taken through a comprehensive skin analysis (Dermalogica’s signature Face Mapping analysis) in a highly professional and clinical manner to determine the best customized approach to target all my major skin concerns.

I dozed off in bliss while my face was skilfully purified and extracted, and lovingly massaged to negate the effects of gravity. The warm and yummy-licious Oatmeal Masque was a perfect ending as it soothes touchy skin types like mine and repairs compromised skin barriers. When the facial was finished, I took a peek in the mirror with a concealer in hand, afraid I’d be all swollen and pizza-faced, but my reflection looked calm and fantastic!



This, I thought, was genius, and yet so fundamental.

Fixed skin “types”, as you might have noticed, are almost an urban myth for most of us. A person can have different combinations of skin issues in various parts of the face at any one time. And everyone’s skin condition is always changing according to hormonal shifts, stress levels, and changes in diet, weather and the environment as well. Adjustments in both home care and professional treatments should hence, be made accordingly to bring your skin back to a healthy equilibrium.

Thus, facial mapping – a detailed skin analysis through a combination of an extensive questionnaire and professional skin assessment (both visual and skin’s response to friction and tactile stimulation) is meticulously recorded on a graphic face “map” with 14 zones – forms an integral part of Dermalogica’s regular treatment planning to ensure all your current skin’s needs are met, all the time. It also offers a guide for precise product prescriptions, and is filed as a basis for comparison for future visits.

Sudden or persistent breakouts in certain zones may also point specific internal health issues. Drawing these spotty connections may not only help us identify correctable internal skin triggers and allow us to truly glow from within, our complexion might become a handy health barometer to guide our efforts to stay in the pink of health.

Based on the skin analysis, I was recommended the Dermalogica fragrance-free Ultracalming Cleanser and Mist to continue at home. The anti-inflammatory botanicals to calm my reactive, sensitized skin and fortify my fragile barrier against future assault, without leaving any yucky residue or plugging up pores – just brighter, refreshed skin I can’t help touching after just one week!

Their new AGE Smart Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque enriched with antioxidants to fight environmental stresses and boost collagen replenishment left my skin feeling supple, hydrated and happy. 

My rehab-ed skin didn’t act up over my overseas holiday (and all the commando-style shopping) the whole week after the facial detox – quite astounding, considering how my skin would be cranky, red and almost always explode into a breakout with extractions and travel. To walk around without a stitch of makeup (okay…save for the essential lip gloss and mascara) was simply a wonderful and liberating feeling.

Thank you, Dermalogica!


For more information, visit Dermalogica’s website:

Signature Spa Pte Ltd: 583 Orchard Rd, Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884. Tel: 62955455.



– By Emily Wong


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