Innovative Ways to Upgrade Your Smile Instantly

A person’s first impression of you is profoundly influenced by the wattage of your smile. Boosting the attractiveness of your smile significantly improves how trustworthy, popular, successful and wealthy you are adjudged at first sight, according to studies.

If memories of your dentist still send shivers down your spine, check out these 3 surprisingly easy (and virtually painless) ways to dramatically upgrade your grin to sexy, confident and dazzling instantly.



If you lust after a straight set of perfect pearlies, new technology can now make it happen without subjecting you to the dreaded teenage “metal mouth” braces for months and years on end.

Your Move: Instant braces

Porcelain veneers or “instant braces” correct mildly misaligned or crowded teeth, sparing you from awkward traditional braces, tooth extraction and retainers. It will also level out misshapen teeth, eliminate unsightly gaps between your choppers, erase stubborn stains and add bling to your smile pronto. This complete smile transformation takes just 2 visits to your dentist’s office.

Pain Level: 2 out of 5

Your dentist will file down a thin layer of surface enamel to prepare each tooth for the veneer. Temporary veneers will be put in while your customized set is being made according to your teeth impression (a process that typically takes 1 to 2 weeks in the smile lab).

How Long it Lasts: These new flawless skin for teeth are permanently bonded to each tooth for a rejuvenated sparkling smile, as long as you take care of those reinforced gnashers.

Costs: SGD$800 – $1000 per veneer



Some wrinkles may make you feel unhappy, but downturned lines beside the lips (caused by a combination of aging and genetics) can make even the happiest of people look constantly sad and stern with their disapproving “perma frowns”.

Your Move: Botox and Natural Fillers

Botox microinjection reduces the downward pull of overactive depressor muscles on the lip corners to magically melt a perpetually ol’ grump into a pleasantly up-turned, youthful grin.

In cases where facial volume loss with aging is prominent, a natural filler provides an uplifting support for the corners of your lips to reverse your collapsed “mouth frown”. It will also smooth out your jowly jawline to subtract years off your face in a snap. A little hyaluronic acid filler is a great way to plump and hydrate lined, shrivelled lips to a kissable, cherry fresh frame for your smile.

Pain Level: 1 out of 5

Some numbing cream applied shortly before this lunchtime treatment should reduce your anxiety and dull any minor pinprick sensation.

How Long it Lasts: Approximately 6 months or longer, depending on the filler used.

Costs: Botox from SGD$250. Juvederm fillers from SGD$900.



Dimples are often considered hot and youthful, especially in ladies. A survey has shown that female stars with dimples are also the most-searched on Net. Considering the crop of celebrities with adorable indentations – such as Carey Mulligan and Angelina Jolie – instant dimples are set to become the next star-fuelled trend de jour.

Your Move: Dimple creation surgery

Commonly inherited, dimples are actually caused by a defect in the cheek muscle, a small adhesion where the skin is attached to the muscle. A minor in-office procedure mimics this natural defect by placing a small nick and stitch from inside the mouth to cause a perfectly cute dent in the overlying cheek skin as you smile.

Pain Level: 1 out of 5

This is usually performed under local anaesthetic as a lunchtime procedure. You will walk out of the doctor’s office with your sexy dent, but it’ll look increasingly softer as your skin heals over the next couple of weeks.

How Long it Lasts: As long as you keep smiling, those lovely dimples are permanent.

Cost: from SGD$2500


And finally, an instant, natural (and free) way is just to BE HAPPY! Think happy thoughts when you’re smiling! Genuine, gorgeous grins can’t be faked or forced. But if it’s true that we smile when we are happy, and that we are happy when we smile, then maybe, just maybe, fixing your smile will make you happier.



– By Claudia Lin


*This article has been selected Article of the Month for Aug 2012*


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  1. Hmm, I might go try the braces but most of my friends that tried it say it hurt. But it works at least. A little pain for straight and white teeth I suppose.

  2. Wow Lana, these are just beautiful, I’m epilcsaely struck by the first dress shot and the landscape of them holding hands undeerneath the tree, with the soft green tones.

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