Beauty Marks – What Secrets Do Your Moles Hold?

I’ve always considered the brown beauty mark prettily placed below the corner of my eye a signature physical feature. Very much the same way Cindy Crawford’s trademark mole is a central element of her look.

So I was taken aback when a close friend suggested that I removed it, since a prominent mole in that area apparently symbolised a “tearful” future according to Chinese beliefs.

Bothered and bewildered, I spoke to Master Yvonne Teh from 5 Arts Consultancy to demystify the truth behind “good” and “bad” facial moles.



The oriental art and metaphysical science of Face Reading has a history as old as Chinese Medicine, and remains as relevant today as it was in the past.

In Face Reading (Mian Xiang), moles are like the trees, logs or flower on the garden landscape of your life: Depending on its size, position and colour, a mole may signify a life that’s a bed of roses or hint of a rocky marriage, and even provide clues on the time range these events might rain on you.



In general, a mole that is black is auspicious, and one that’s bright red is deemed lucky. Moles that look dull, brown, yellowish or have a white outline are considered ill omen.

PS: If you notice a mixture of colours (variegation) within a mole or a change in colour in an existing mole, rapid increase in size, and other recent changes like irregular edges or bleeding in your mole, do get it checked by a doctor immediately. These are sinister signs that might point to a possible malignant mole!



The position of a mole indicates the type of events or luck:

  1. Spotting an auspicious mole in your hair is like finding gold under the bushes – it’ll bring you fortune and longevity.
  2. Similarly, a mole located within the eye brow indicates abundant wealth.
  3. However, moles above or below the eye brow, especially those located at the end of the eyebrow are inauspicious.
  4. Moles found close to the eyes signify poverty or a distrusting personality.
  5. Moles on either ear suggest high IQ and quick thinking, and a good marriage if it’s sitting on the left ear.
  6. Any moles on the nose are believed to bring mishaps such as injuries and longstanding illnesses.
  7. A mole on the nasal tip is also a sign of unusual sexual desire.
  8. Beware of the woman with a mole on her right cheek as she tends to be disrespectful and leak secrets easily.
  9. However, a mole on her left cheek indicates social popularity.
  10. Moles found on lips indicate plentiful gourmet enjoyment.
  11. But on the sides of the lips, a mole signifies financial difficulties or difficulties in gaining wealth.
  12. A mole found on the central chin could mean you are either prone to an eating disorder or food allergy.
  13. Left of the chin it warns of an accident or danger with water.
  14. On the right side of the chin, it symbolises riches.


Marked for Removal:There are much more “inferior” moles than “auspicious” ones. Generally, beauty marks on the cheeks or below the eyes that are shaped like a tear drop come in top of the priority list for removal. Take special care that you do not end up with a disastrous scar from the mole removal, as that would be even worse luck!


– By Emily Wong


5 thoughts on “Beauty Marks – What Secrets Do Your Moles Hold?

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  2. Hi I am Chelsie, I am 27 I have 6 moles on my face. One above my right eyebrow, one next to my left eye 1cm away, 3 on my cheek, the first one is above my lip in crease of smile line the other 2 are in middle of cheek one below the other, and thelast one is on my chin on the right hand side. What does it mean? My daughter has the same spots in same places on her face?

    1. You should definitely have them checked out by a dermatologist. They are most likely benign but it is always better to seek an expert opinion!

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