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Save your neck: Why splash out on anti-ageing face creams if your crinkly neck still gives the game away?

The neck is an area that’s seriously overlooked when it comes to skincare, yet, along with hands, it’s one of the first places to reveal signs of ageing. In part, this is usually due to neglect on our part, but natural gravitational pull and weakening of the collagen and elastin fibres as we age has an effect, too. The neck area does not have fatty tissues, making the skin less elastic. As a result, the skin in this delicate zone can become far more wrinkled, saggy, crepey and pigmented than that on our face.

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But chin up! Help is at hand to stop necks getting wrinkly. Unfortunately, once the damage is done, it can be the most difficult area to treat, because the skin is so thin. However, a new wave of aesthetic treatments promises to postpone and combat the problem.

Neck ageing can appear in various forms. Here, we list some of the most common and some essential tips on how to tackle them.

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The horizontal bands that form on the neck are caused by sun exposure, which damages the collagen and elastin fibres needed to keep skin plump and supple. Smoking is another offender, as nicotine reduces vital oxygen blood supply to the skin, causing collagen damage. Matters out of our control, such as regular neck and head movement, can also lead to creasing by stretching the collagen fibres. Whatever the cause, the appearance of lines can be improved with some simple beauty fixes.

Deep lines can be reduced with prescription retinoid creams, which can also minimise the formation of new wrinkles by building fresh collagen. Also try Epicuren’s Instant Lift and Sloane Inc’s Age Defy for skin smoothening benefits.

For more visibly etched creases and unsightly muscle bands that gives you the neck of a MMA wrestler, try micro-shots of anti-wrinkle Botox from your doctor can smooth wrinkles and reduce platysmas bands around the neck. (Tip: Relaxing these “downward-pulling” bands is also said to give your lower face a natural “lift”)

Anti-wrinkle injections to relax platysmas bands of the neck


Crepey skin and horizontal neck lines that detract from the beauty of the neck can be rejuvenated with Rejuran DNA Resurgence. This DNA extract therapy helps skin heal and regenerate so it looks more youthful, supple and elastic. This in turns helps to diminish the appearance of horizontal “necklace bands” and revitalise the overall appearance of the skin of the neck.

Needle-phobes may wish to try the 30-minute Light Lift Wrinkly Neck Treatment ($200 per session, six sessions recommended for deep wrinkles).

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The older we get, the more our skin-firming collagen and elastin fibres begin to weaken — causing the dreaded turkey neck effect. Premature drooping can be prevented with daily application of a broad- spectrum sunscreen. A new army of neck-lifting creams are also worth a try. Sloane Inc’s Miracle Lift detoxifies damaged skin cells, increasing their ability to produce more collagen and elastin, while a unique tensing agent gives an instant firming effect.

For severe skin laxity, Thermage, a non-invasive treatment uses a hand-piece to deliver radio frequency energy beneath the skin’s surface and stimulate new collagen production, resulting in a gradual reduction in wrinkles. ($3000, one session). During the one-off, 60-minute procedure, a radiofrequency hand-piece, delivers short bursts of collagen tightening heat into the deep layer of the skin to lift, firm and tone the skin. The treatment lasts for up to two years.

Those who want a not-so subtle transformation can opt for a more gratifying cosmetic treatment called Infinity Neck Lift. This non-surgical neck thread lift uses dissolvable skin threads to lift the skin effectively and “anchor” it in an optimal position, restoring the suppleness and elasticity of your neck to its youthful glory.

Before and After Neck Thread Lift

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Leathery skin on our neck is a result of ageing and too much sun. Blotchy pigmentation can also be more visible on the chest, as it is prone to more sun damage than the upper-neck, which is shaded by the chin and hair. Hydrating creams can help fight the onset of crepiness, while antioxidants can brighten the blemished skins. Sloane Inc’s Instant Pigment Corrector contains vitamin A and ceramides to nourish, plus plant extracts and vitamin C to fade discolouration.

For quicker results, Brilliant Skin Program with Fraxel Light treatments can erase blemishes and reverse UV damage, restoring dull damaged skins of the neck and décolletage to their former glory. (SGD$4088 for sessions at The Sloane Clinic)

Before and After Lasers & Skin tightening


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The dreaded double chin can add years to your face and destroy otherwise perfectly pleasant portraits shots of you. Double chins are caused by an accumulation on the underside of the jaw and neck accompanied by some degree of skin laxity. Weight loss may not be the solution to this niggling problem as double chin can afflict even skinny types.

Scalpel-free options include Ulthera which uses deep ultrasound to contract collagen and reduce the bulk and sagging of the treated area.

For a more dramatic and permanent option, opt for Vaser micro-liposculpture which uses a small skin probe to remove excess fat and tissue and tighten surrounding skin.

So armed with these neck-saving options, you can now bid turkey necks goodbye and bare your decolletage with confidence.


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