Laser Aftercare Cheat Sheet

After investing time and money getting a laser, the last thing you want would be to have a worse skin condition because you did something you shouldn’t have. Here are some things that you should avoid as much as possible to protect your freshly lasered face! After a session of your favourite laser which targets wrinkles, redness, acne and enlarged pores (SylfirmX), you might be wondering if you would be able to carry on with your day-to-day activities. Though after the SylfirmX treatment, you can apply makeup, the general sentiment is to leave your skin makeup-free for as long as you can! It is a good time to let your skin take a breather instead of being packed with makeup. Apart from trying to be makeup-free, you should also avoid using harsh skincare products as your skin might be more sensitive in the next few days. You can think of your skin as a baby’s skin. You wouldn’t want to apply any harsh acid on that skin, would you? It Continue Reading

New age technology for a better figure?

I must admit I am quite the ‘boomer’ when it comes to the latest technologies. Like, what iteration of iPhone are we on now? But because of my lack of knowledge, I am always impressed when I learn about the new things that technology can do for us. Recently, I found out that we can now utilize these technologies to improve our physique. How cool is that! Let me share with you my exciting finds!   Magnetic Muscle Sculpting  Getting abs without exercise? Wow. I mean, it goes without saying that exercising and maintaining a healthy diet would give you better results. But for a machine to be able to sculpt your muscles, it’s impressive! Apparently, this machine can be applied to give you better abs and a better butt! If the countless Chloe Ting HIIT workouts are not cutting it for you, this might be the solution for you as it speeds up the process of getting abs. Apart from aesthetic purposes, this machine is also suitable for women Continue Reading

Bid (Hair)well to Boring Hair

Our hair is one thing that we can constantly change up (though at the expense of our scalp and hair health) that will have a big impact on our appearance. But are you having a hard time deciding what you should do to your hair? Here are some suggestions from a y Is it time for you to change up your hair? Our hair is one thing that we can constantly change up (though at the expense of our scalp and hair health). But are you having a hard time deciding what you should do with your hair? Here are some suggestions from a self-proclaimed TikTok addict and Gen Z. Hair treatment + Cut Before you jump to the next point, STOP! I don’t mean the typical treatments you get done at the hair salon, but rather, something more potent and impactful. The Full Potential Program at SW1 Clinic combines 2 impressive treatments that would help you attain your goal of thick and luscious hair. The revolutionary Kera-Clone therapy helps Continue Reading

So Why Do We Blame Our Bodies?

“If a pair of shoes don’t fit, you just get another pair in a bigger size. So why do you blame your body when you can’t fit into an item of clothing?” I saw this quote on Instagram recently and it really struck me. Why do we blame our bodies when clothes are a little too small? Why can’t we just get one in a bigger size? All these years of seeing only ‘picture perfect’ models on our screens, we’ve been tuned to believe that only by achieving the gold standard set by society, then can we be beautiful. Skinny, small waist, smooth skin. But this is far from the truth. The standards of beauty for our bodies are ever-changing. Just look at this article. It is clear evidence that there is no fixed standard for beauty. In my eyes, being healthy is beautiful. When your mind and body are healthy, you naturally shine from within. In my opinion, exercising regularly and having a good digestive system are 2 of Continue Reading

The Pain of Dark Eye Circles

As a fellow sufferer of dark eye circles, I understand your pain. For some, sleeping earlier might solve all their problems. But not for me. At this point, dark eye circles are more annoying than anything. Even with concealor, my dark eye circles are still very noticeable. So much so that new friends will ask if I am a night owl. On the contrary, I typically sleep before 12am. How am I still a victim of dark eye circles? So, I have scavenged the web and found some remedies that will hopefully help me get rid of my nemesis for good.   Home Remedies According to this article, they recommend applying a cold compress under the eyes. Apparently, it helps to reduce puffy eyes and reduce dark circles. For 20 minutes, apply a cloth wrapped with ice cubes under your eyes. Alternatively, they also recommend putting cold tea bags under the eyes as caffeine from the tea helps with stimulating blood circulation. This can help shrink the blood vessels at Continue Reading